Saturday, January 15, 2011


I lost my appetite for the past few days..
Don't know why..
At times, I tend to not take my meals...

Anyways, Constance is back for a month..

Picked her up from LCCT on Thursday..
Well, I was working on Wednesday till midnight..
Slept for 3 hrs, got up, then went back to LCCT, but not for work :)

Was so excited before seeing her..
But when I see her, I don't know what to do.
She says she wants the old hwa hwa back... Blek.. I'm happy with who I am now :)

We don't know where to have our breakfast, and I don't know the road, so I just drove following the signboard. Hmm...
Got out from Kesas highway, then since it's near USJ, brought her for Dim Sum at Kelvin's place (Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum)..
Soh poh miss teh ais so much...
Ordered some dim sum...
C'est delicieux.. and I'm glad that she loves it..

Kelvin wanted to treat again, but fortunately, he left his hp on the table so I kept it and threatened him.
But Cons treat me. Thx dear! :)

Then, drove Cons back to home.
Her mom didn't know that she's coming back on that day because she told her mom that she's coming back on the 17th or something.
Cons was so crazy she yelled and screamed in my car. She even squeezed my thigh. Damn geli wei.. haha...
Then, when she rang her door bell...
Her mom looked out from the room upstairs, smiling, and pointing at Cons.
So adorable!!..

We went out for lunch together..

Then, Cons decided to go surprise her dad too.
We went to a cafe where according to her mom, her dad will always be there after lunch.
When we went up, Cons walked so fast, her dad saw her, and went, "Ooooi?.."

Those expression were priceless..
I regretted that I did not recorded it...
But it'll remain in my mind forever.. :-)

Happy to see Cons so happy :-)

Just missing 1 thing.. Pei Shi..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Flight to MYY..

"Kamu ada Facebook ya?"

Thinking to say yes or no..

"Boleh cari ya?"
"Nama kamu apa?"
"Cari je Eva Low."
"Ok. Thank you ya. Boleh ambik gambar sama you?"
"Sorry, tak nak."
"Sebab tak suka. Sorry ya."

Ye la...cari 'Eva Low' kat facebook sampai lebam ya :) to say 'NO'?

When one be friendly with passenger, it doesn't mean anything.
Why when we be friendly or just joke around, they will then get interested?
I'm just being myself.
Sometimes I'm shy, sometimes I'm friendly.
Sometimes I make fun of them. Sometimes I make fun of myself.
If it does make them smile or laugh or etc, like playing with their kids or babies, I will do it.
Cz sometimes it does make my day too!

Just please don't get the wrong message.
Thank you very much! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

The other day..

The other day, on one of my flight...
There was an old couple, sitting at the over wing (Only for hot seats passengers).

"Excuse me sir, is this you original seat?"
"No, my seat is behind. Why?"
"I'm so sorry to tell you this, but these seats are for hot seats passengers only. They have purchased online, and paid extra. So, you can change you seats, anywhere, as long as it's the black seats, and only after take off."
"Why? Why I cannot sit here? Then I purchase it now can or not?"
"I'm so sorry sir, that's not possible. Besides that, for safety purposes, you have to sit at your original seats during take off and landing."
"But AA is free seating what? So I can sit anywhere la!"
"I'm sorry sir. AA's policy now is that you have to sit according to your seat number. So, please return to your seat, and you can only change to other black seats after take off. Thank you! :)"
He stood up..telling the wife, "Go back to your seat ah."
While telling me that, he was looking at my name tag..
"I'm telling you, it's not the matter of policy! It's the matter of dollars and cents"
"No, sir. It's the matter of safety! Thank you very much!"
I then walked away when they both stood up...

After take off...
"Sir, you want to sit with your wife is it? There's 3 empty seats at row 30 DEF, and I've blocked it for you. So, you can go there anytime. Thank you"

The wife then change the seat. But the husband, he was still mingling around his original seat.
2 hours 30 minutes later...

Man shaking his 30D seat like going to break it...

"Yes sir, is there anything I can help you here?"
"You see for yourself lar!"

Seat cannot recline.

"Sir, I'm so sorry. This seat is spoilt, cannot recline. I'm so sorry. But you can sit at 30F then." (His wife is sitting at 30E)

When I walked to the front the collect some rubbish,

"Zhan hai zhong fo ah kam mat."
In English, "Really testing my patience today!"
I think that's the translation.. :P

I guess it's just not his day...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today was the most embarrassing flight that I had.
Eventually, it was fun as well.

My leading kept his coffee in the compartment, and had warned me if I'm going to open it after take off as it'll just slide down.
Well, after take off, and while I was being so careful to hold the cup, I took it out...
his tele-counter was behind the cup.
So once I took down the coffee, the tele-counter fell right into the coffee.. It went 'bloop'...
I laughed so much with him then, till I felt that my face was burning..
He said, "I know you don't like me, but you don't have to do that you know.." :-P

While departing for HDY this afternoon, there were some Chinese guy passengers who are travelling in a group.
When they were boarding, I stopped half of them because the steps was full with passengers.
So half of the group were still at the covered walkway.
The friends standing at the steps, called out to their friend to just board, but then, I showed him that I'm holding the passenger's boarding pass so he can't board yet.
'When I do be friendly, doesn't mean that I'm flirting or shows that I have interest in a guy ok. Some people just won't understand.'
So, after all passengers boarded, I walked around for cabin check, and these bunch of people were so noisy, even when I handed out the ED cards.
After F&B service, I went to the aft galley, and my leading then, came and gave me an air sickness bag...written:

"Eva, can I have your number please? 014xxxxxxx Summer, First Love"
I'm so sorry, I'm not interested at all.

Then, I told my leading, please accompany me to walk to the front.
Well, he was 'so kind', he said ok. He walked in front of me. Then I thought, maybe I should walk in front, and I told him, but he wouldn't let.
SUDDENLY, when reached the row where that bunch of people were seated, he suddenly stopped!! Asking another passenger, "Do you want me to clear your tray table?"
I can hear them laughing and blah blah blah...
Superb embarrassing..and I do not like the situation..

Just because of 'putting' the tele-counter into his coffee, and he did that to me..deng..

Today, was a very nice and memorable day.
The situations, and the people around me made my day today :-)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Puss in boots..

Pei Shi, is on her way flying back to U.S again for her studies.
Gosh, I miss her so much.
I forgot to ask her what time her flight is when I met up with her on Thursday.
Then, today, after work, when I stopped at the traffic light and stare at the soft toy aircraft in my car, I suddenly thought of her, and went, "Shit! What time is her flight?" I forgot.. huiks...

When I called her, luckily, it was still ringing, and then she answered.
It was 1600hrs, and her flight's at 1745hrs.
Luckily, I was able to talk to her :)
I kinda feel like crying coz I miss her so much..
(It's been months since I last cried :-))

Then, she sms-ed me around 1900hrs, saying that her flight is delayed because of technical problem.
And then, she only departed at 2145hrs..
Hmm...sms-ed with her all the while only...

'Best friend, is not where you have to pour everything onto'
That was what I learnt from this friendship with Constance and Pei Shi.
We change roles everyday, depending on the situation :-)
Sisters, mothers, daughter, best friends...

It's just too bad that when Pei Shi leaves, Cons come back.
And when Cons leaves, Pei Shi comes back.
We weren't able to meet together, I mean the 3 of us.
I, however, am very lucky to be able to meet both of them!
Thank you!! :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


A conversation between dad and me..

"Tomorrow you're not going out right?"
"Nope. Why?"
"I want to go and fix your seat belt.."

At that moment, I was thinking, and imagining a red seat belt, that I always use for safety demo on the aircraft.
Yes, I was imagining the aircraft's passenger's seat belt..
But what my dad meant was my car's seat belt, which can't retract back already since 1 - 2 years ago..and it's grey in colour.. :-S

"Oh, okai!.."

It cost me RM260!!

But never mind, safety comes first..

Another 1..
Few months ago, while going out for dinner with Nadia and Syue, my batch mates in AA.
"Syue, suka la lagu-lagu dalam CD ni"
"Kalo nak beli, gi la depan AC. Banyak CD camni"

At that moment, I was thinking a/c = aircraft cz that's what we learnt...short forms..
But actually, it's A/C = Asia Cafe..

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moo moo....

Today, while driving to work, around 100 meters after the turning from Kajang to Putrajaya, some cars slowed down.
I saw some police, and then, I thought that it was a road block or something.
To my surprise, it wasn't.
From far, I saw something brown, thinking maybe some lorry with soil overturned.
But, it wasn't.
It was actually 2 cows lying down in the middle of the road.
1 of it, I could see its flesh, rib cage, blood, and some grasses around him.
Then, the second 1, there was a cut on the neck, but I couldn't see any injuries.
There were few cars at the scene, but I can't see any cars that was dented or anything.
Till now, I'm still wondering what happened..


Sunday, January 2, 2011


I've been flying for almost 6 months already now.
I've met a lot, a lot of people on board during my flight...duh!
There some passengers whom I know..such as..

First, I met Frederick, one of my college course mate when he took a flight back to KCH. I've met him in LCCT before and never thought that will meet him on board.

Second, I met Tai Wen, one of my college group mate when she took a flight back to KBR.
I remember that I was positioned at the aft of the aircraft on that day, and then, I was greeting all the passengers, until I saw her. Was really shocked and happy.
She told me that she saw me when I walked past Coffee Bean. She called out to me, but I din bother (I didn't hear anything, ok).
She's currently studying in Japan, and well, yea, I was lucky to see her.
Couldn't catch up with her much as it was a super short flight.

Today, while serving pre-booked meals for passengers from MAA to KUL, when I was cross checking their boarding passes with the report:
Saw 1 passenger's name on the boarding pass...
"Sir, you have the same name as my lecturer."
"Which college is that?"
"Taylor's College."
"I am from Taylor's College!"
"OMG, really?! Mr. Pradeep? Hahahha.. I'm so sorry. You looked so different!"
"Yea, I guess I have more 'air' last time.."
"Hahaha.. yea! :p"

Didn't see that coming..

I'm so tired, and sleepy these few days..
2 and 1/2 more working days to go...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year..

I think I'm going to fall sick..
But I'm hoping that I'm not going to fall sick.
I don't want to take MC, nor medicines...

I'm sneezing quite often now, since Thursday.
I'm trying to blame the weather nowadays, instead of blaming on myself, can I? :-D
What a good way to start my new year..
Sneezing in front of pax is very embarrassing..
Cleaning your nose in front of pax is disgusting...and embarrassing as well..

I just want to go for work, every scheduled one.
Thank you very much..
Still loving my job.. :-)

Off to MAA tomorrow at 0615 hours..
Will definitely feel sleepy again since it's my third day of morning flight..
3 more working days to go! 3 and 1/2 days actually I think..

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's eve..

I'm not feeling the 'joy' of New Year's eve..

Maybe it's because that I'm working.
I'm working tomorrow..
Flying to CMB, departure at 0620hrs.. :-)


I shouldn't have nap for half an hour just now after work.
Now, I don't feel sleepy at all..
But I gotta get up at 0300hrs?!
Good luck!

Why I still don't feel anything? Huiks... :-D

Anyway, happy new year and have a great year ahead!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I keep telling my friends and family..
"Sorry, my roster isn't out yet. Can't plan anything."

Every end of the month, I'm eager to wait for my roster to be published.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, and wait.
Oh come on! It's the 30th already!

Now, waiting for mom to come home.
I'm going for shopping with her later!
Catching up with the year end sales :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sorry for the super dead blog.. :-D

Well, on updates on Jakarta and graduation, please refer to the pictures on my facebook.
Kinda lazy then...

Working nowadays is kinda tiring..
People are getting more demanding nowadays..
People are getting more fussy nowadays..
People often finding fault on us nowadays..

Just to share 2 situations that I faced 2 days ago..

As almost everyone who took an airplane before, it's common for a flight attendant to check passengers boarding pass before boarding an airplane, especially in KUL.
Why is this important? Why are we doing this?
It is because we want to make sure that no passenger or passengers will board the wrong aircraft, and end up going to a wrong destination.
This is because as you know, LCCT is a super messy place.
Yes, I know that in AA, we check the boarding passes very frequently, but this is to ensure that passengers goes to the right place and pass through the right person.
So, once, there's this passenger, and he's the last to board after around 100+ passengers.
I then asked for his boarding pass like what I did to other passengers before him.
"Encik, boleh saya dapatkan boarding pass?"
"Tapi saya perlukan boarding pass cik, untuk pastikan flight number"
"I/C boleh?"
"Tak boleh cik, sebab saya perlu tengok flight number."
He finds everywhere, in his pocket, in his bag.. "Tak payahlah!"
Then, luckily, the GS arrive...
"Yunk, passenger hilang boarding pass la, boleh check tak? Dengan I/C?"
Then, we check his I/C with the manifest that the GS just brought...
"Kenapa nak buat semua ni? Tadi dah check..." bla bla bla.. with angry tone..
"Cik, kita kena check, nanti takut cik naik aircraft salah. Sepatutnya pergi PEN nanti gi bali pulak. Sape tau?"
Then, all 3 of us proceed to aircraft....
While walking up the stairs...
"Cuma orang bodoh je buat macam tu!"
And then, in the aircraft, I saw him writing something in his diary.
If it's a complaint for me, I just want to thank him then.

Thank you very much!!
So, when we check boarding pass, you complaint.
So, when you board the wrong aircraft, you go to the wrong parking bay, you complaint, you scold us, you blame it on us.
Hmmm... More to come in the future..

2nd situation..

While passengers were boarding to the aircraft through aerobridge....
"Good evening! Welcome onboard!"
"Delay ya!"
"Yes ma'am, I'm so sorry for the delay."
In a sarcastic tone:

For your information Ms. I dunno who...
The aircraft was delayed for half an hour because of the late arrival to KUL when we took over the aircraft that afternoon.
We, even board the aircraft late because of the half an hour late arrival from the morning flight.
I have already apologize when it's not my fault.

Fortunately, my colleague explained loudly to her,
"For your information, we were delayed because of the late arrival of aircraft. It wasn't because of us"
Then, there's the husband or brother or whoever related asking the pax,
"You said that to them ah?"
We just answered to him then,
"Yes, sir. And the delay wasn't because of us."
"Okay okay, nevermind."
"Thank you for understanding sir!"

Lesson from 2nd situation, please ASK before blaming us or anything.
For example, when I did HAK flight on Christmas, the flight was delay 3 hours... 3 hours people!! Not half an hour.
However, passengers were polite!
They ask first on why was the flight delayed?
Then, we answered that the previous aircraft got technical problem, so we have to change with another aircraft.
One of the passenger said he woke up at 5.30am.
I told him I woke up at 3.30am, and my body clock is messed up also because I had Christmas Eve dinner the night before. And he can see that our eyes like don't have 'semangat' also. Then, we laughed together. I like these type of passengers.

Sometimes, things happened not because of us.
Sometimes, aircraft were parked far away from departure hall or arrival hall and passengers coming to the aircraft said,
"Why park so far? Have to walk so far!"
I'm so sorry, we also didn't want it to be parked so far.
It's the ATC who arranged so.
We didn't have the choice to choose where to park and all.
We, the flight attendants, and the tech crew also walked as far as the passengers.
For those who asked in a good way, thank you, and I'll answer in a good way.
For those who just blame and scold me, I'm so sorry, I'll answer in a good way as well, but please be more understanding and remember your manners.

I still love my job although there are some shitty situations.
Believe me, there are more than these.
But these 2 situations are the most recent ones.

I just hope that it'll change soon. That it'll improve.

Always remember that when you think you're in a shitty situation, there's definitely another person who's experiencing something worst than you.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm missing someone so much right now..
But I can't do anything..when I don't know what can I do..
All I wish is for him to be here, which is impossible...
But I really really do miss him..
Telling him my feelings don't seem to make any difference..

OMG..this is torturing..

Blog pending - Jakarta trip & Convocation.. :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010


I will update my blog soon...on my next long day off..
As the next day off is booked by my convocation :-)

Blog pending - Trip to Jakarta..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tom yam..

I woke up by Shain's call this morning at 1030hrs.
He was asking if we want to hang out for dinner with Nadia.
For you information, Shain and Nadia are my batch mate in AA's training.
And since i don't have any duty and was free, I agreed.

Went to Nadia's house at Kota Warisan at 1800hrs, den went searching for car wash area because Shain wants to wash his car.
I had so much fun with them..
Sharing stories, sharing experiences, sharing everything!!
Then, we went for dinner nearby, and since I was craving for tom yam, I order bee hoon tom yam.
Ooohhh, it was so delicious! I finished everything :-P
Clean and squeaky bowl..

Syue had a new rabbit, and it was at home, so we played with the rabbit as well.
The rabbit name is Piu, but I think I'll call it Piu Piu... hahah... cute!

Boring lar!!

Tomorrow doing DAC flight...
Till then, c ya!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have a dog..
She's a Chi Hua Hua mix with something..
She has been staying with my family for almost 13 years...
13 years!!!

She's a very pretty dog..
And a very intelligent one..
Although she's naughty at times, but we always love her..
She's so adorable at times too..

And yes, being me, I always bully her too..
Disturb her and all, but I love her so so so so much..

Last week, on 7th October 2010, she passed away just like that, lying down with her eyes open..
Few days before that she has been sick, vomiting and she seems to be so weak.
At 1900hrs on 7th October, after taking my shower, my dad told me that she passed away already.
I quickly went out and seeing her lying down, I called her name.
Her back left leg moved a little, about twice or thrice.
I called her name again, and stroke her.
She's so stiff.. :'(
I controlled myself.
I don't want to cry.
She passed away with her eyes opened.. :-(

My dad then buried her in the garden.
She'll always be with us no matter what :-)

I miss her so much..
Even till now, I have a habit of just opening the door and call her name.
When I was about the call her, I stopped and think..she's not here anymore.
Last Sunday, with my family around, I opened the door, then, I told my mom that I still have my habit of simply asking my dog to come into the house because I like to see her running around and getting yelled by my mom, that's why open the door for no reason.

I miss her so much.. :'(
Till now, I haven't cry :-(

The 2 dogs...RIP Monster and Do-Do together now..

Isn't she pretty?

My mom will yell at us if she sees this.. :-D

I love you!! :)

My baby...


Yum yum.... Her bone, and her cloth.. :)

And there she goes.. Ignore the newspaper (It's something like a cloth to her, she loves it)...

Thursday, September 30, 2010


After hanging out with my AA's batch mates yesterday and chit chatting a lot...
I realized that, I was so upset that he did something to me about 3 or 4 times...
It has been warned...
But it was almost the same thing...
And because of 1 person...

I guess, I'm confused...
But he was the one who made me more confused...of who he really is...

Which looking at it now, it was a better thing to let it go...
So that I wouldn't think much and wouldn't have to be suspicious anymore...

But overall, I know it's my fault...
And again, I'm sorry..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

6 sectors..

Today, I was supposed to go for Langkawi and Medan's flight, and back to KL by 1920hrs..
However, on the way back from Medan to KL, we were told to operate JB's flight then, and touched down at 2225hrs...
Well, this is the first time I'm doing 6 sectors flight (KUL-LGK-KUL-MES-KUL-JHB-KUL)
Surprisingly, it's not as bad or tiring as I thought it would be..
It's because the flight, although it's short, but it was really ok..
Besides that, the set of crew I got today was nice, and I enjoyed it... :)

I want to see if I still get an off day for 31st Oct for my convocation or not..
Or else, I gotta find someone to swap with, and then, which can't be confirm..
Which means, I can't confirm if I can attend my convocation or not..
My 1 in a life time thingy!!
Huiks... :-(

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I love to work..

I love going to work..
I love it because when I'm working, I wouldn't think much about my life..
Wouldn't think much about relationship then..

How nice if we don't have worries, problems, obstacles and so on in life?
But what is life without worrying?
What is life without problems?
What is life without obstacles?
What is life without challenges?

And no matter how bad our day is today, we still got to move on to tomorrow..and try to make it a better day than yesterday..

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I used to..

I used to.....
I used to complain to them about whatever that is happening in my life..
I used to share with them my happiness..
I used to share with them my sadness as well..
I used to cry on their shoulders...
I used to make them laugh, and then make myself laughed...
I used to make fun of myself just to hear their laughter..
I used to make fun of them, and make ourselves laughed..
I used to....

But now, there's nothing..

It's the past..

I want to cry...because I think I hold it till maximum already..
But there isn't any shoulders for me..

It's not only a relationship... It's not him...
But my gfs...they're far away...
Constance and Pei Shi...
Miss them loads...

Maybe a guy's shoulder would do as well...
But of course that's impossible..
Guys are...not a very good listener..
Unless if they're up to something.. :-)

Thank you very much..